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GitHub App permission `repository_metadata` "not supported"

I am following the instructions for creating a new installation token with reduced permissions at This is working fine except that when I request `repository_metadata` like this:


payload = {
    'repository_ids': [ <id> ],
    'permissions': {
        'repository_metadata': 'read',

I get the following error message:


> There is at least one permission resource that is not supported.


Interestingly the request succeeds if I use just `metadata` instead of `repository_metadata`, indicating that there is likely an inconsistency between the documentation and the code.

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Re: GitHub App permission `repository_metadata` "not supported"

I have spotted another oddity with this API. If I make a request with `permissions` specified but with `repository_ids` missing or the empty list, then the `permissions` section is ignored. This occurs even if a permission is requested that the app doesn't have.


E.g. payload:

payload = {
    'repository_ids': [  ],
    'permissions': {
        'pull_requests': 'read',



  "token": "<token>", 
  "repository_selection": "selected", 
  "expires_at": "2019-08-09T16:20:52Z", 
  "permissions": {
    "metadata": "read", 
    "pull_requests": "write"