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Get all commit sha's using github API calls

So let's say I need to get some statistical analysis done on all the changes induced to a file through commits from various committers.


I have with me the blob link.




Now suppose I wanted to see all the version histories of the files I can just.


However, I want this data to be easily machine parsable.


There seems to be no equivalent API call. Best I could get was:


But I want the hashess of all the previous changes to a SINGLE file. Not all changes for the specific commit.


Is this even possible??

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Re: Get all commit sha's using github API calls

Hi @XChikuX,


Thank you for being here! The Repo Commits API supports listing, viewing, and comparing commits in a repository. For more information. I believe you'd be able to accomplish your goal using the SHA parameter.


I hope this helps!



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