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Get Associated Issue for Open Pull Request?

Hello Community,


I am working on creating my first Probot application.  The scenario I am wanting to accomplish is sort of like this one:


However, I am wanting to get an associated issue from a pull request while it is still open.  Here is an example:


(You can see the `Closes #20` in there -- I am wanting to fetch the #20)


To give further context on what I want to achieve, you can see that AppVeyor posts comments letting subscribers know a new build is ready in the pull request.  I am building this Probot app to essentially mirror these comments onto the associated issue, if it exists.


Finding the associated issue, of course, is proving challenging.  Hence the reason why I am posting here. :)


Thank you for any assistance/context/insight you can provide!

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Re: Get Associated Issue for Open Pull Request?

Sounds like that's a "no." 😆