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GET /event equivalent for v4?

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So, I'm trying to switch my small project from REST to GraphQL. Looks nice to fetch exactly what's needed.

But what I'm mostly fetching from REST are events from v3 but i can't find it on the v4-docs.

Is there any equivalent to events on GraphQL?

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Re: GET /event equivalent for v4?

Hi @Serkan-devel,


Thank you for being here! In GraphQL there is an issue timeline connection, which looks like it should work for you.


I hope this helps!



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Re: GET /event equivalent for v4?

Thank you for the answer. I just succeeded with a working prototype of the app in REST just recently, but using graphql would probably make the code shorter, going through less parsing steps.


But for some reason, I can't form calls, like this one


query {
  organization(login:"github") {
    IssueTimelineItems(first:20) {
      edges {
        node {

How does on form IssueTimelineItems within a call?

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Re: GET /event equivalent for v4?

IssueTimeline is not a replacement for the /events v3 API because it seems to be per issue only.


For example, I need all events from the repository, from all issues, all pull requests, branches created, starred events, etc. Just like the api v3 works. Also user received_events, organization events, notifications, etc.


Is that planned?


I believe this should not be marked as solved.

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Re: GET /event equivalent for v4?

We're in the same spot, trying to port over an application that uses the /events of the V3 API. An equivalent stream would be awesome in the GraphQL API