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Error running custom Docker action

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I can successfully run an action using GitHub Actions for Docker. However, when I create my own Docker image for an action that runs Docker, execution fails without an obvious reason. It first shows "Cancelled!" and then turns into "Failed!". I basically just copied the Dockerfile, made minor adjustments and used a custom entrypoint script. Am I missing something?


Here's the action run:





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Re: Error running custom Docker action

I'm uncertain as to why, but you could try to add a CMD [""to your Dockerfile.

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Re: Error running custom Docker action

Thanks, I found the problem. The entrypoint script was not executable. Unfortunately, no error was shown.

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Re: Error running custom Docker action

Hi @unguiculus, thanks for coming back and sharing what worked for you! We're looking forward to seeing you around!

Thanks for being here, sharing, and keeping our community awesome!

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