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Commit stats (last year activity)



I'm trying to fetch commit activity of the bitcoin repositoriy for the last year.


GET /repos/bitcoin/bitcoin/stats/commit_activity


But I receive nothing (more precisely, empty array: []). The API documentation states that as this operation is time consuming, a 202 response code can be sent when statistics are not ready. However, in my case (and you'll probably encounter the same issue), I receive a 200 response code.


Is this behaviour normal? Is there a solution?


Thank you in advance for your help!

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Re: Commit stats (last year activity)

Hey hello-world-from-geneva, I'm researching your question, but wanted to give you a quick update. It looks like we might be encountering some abnormal behavior on our end. Thanks for your patience, as soon as I have an update I'll post it here. 

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Re: Commit stats (last year activity)

Hi Andrea,


Thank you for your response.


Today, it seems that if I ask for commit activity of bitcoin/bitcoin, the API gives me results. I know that for some other projects, I had the same issue, but for now, I didn't verify yet if it was resolved for all, or just for this particular repository.


Maybe, some changes have been performed since your intervention? Or can we expect others issues in the following days, because of instability?


Again, thank you for your help!