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Can't get release neither comment using their id via GraphQL API

Clarification: By id, I mean the number returned by the api v3, not the nodeId


The v3 /notifications api returns the release api url at `notification.subject.url`. But it contains only the release ID, not the tag, so I can't fetch the release details using GraphQL, because the GraphQL query requires a release tag.


I also can't use `notification.subject.latest_comment_url` for comments, but that is not a big deal because we can do comments(last: 1) in the graphql.


I see 3 possible solutions that I wish GitHub implemented, in order of preference:


  1. Add the notifications api to GraphQL
  2. The v3 notifications api could return a `nodeId` and a `lastCommentNodeId`  for the subject
  3. Add a way to get a release and a comment via graphql using their id (not the release tag, but the id, probably at the "resources" query


The goal here is to fetch hundreds of notifications details with a single request, that's why I'm avoiding the api v3.