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Azure-iot-sdk-c Porting Guide Missing Critical Information

The Porting Guide:


for porting Azure-iot-sdk-c code to other platforms does not work because there is a "hidden" definitiion for WIN32 (somewhere) that always forces builds for WIN32 platform.  Clearly this will not work on any platform other than WIN32, thus the poritng guide does not help porting to any other platform than WIN32 (for which there is no requirement because the platform is already WIN32).


What is missing from this Porting Guide, is where to find the WIN32 definition (in the Visual Studio solutions, or the source code) and "un-define" it so that the code can be compiled for non-windows platforms.


If somebody knows how to un-define WIN32 and build for non-windows platforms, I would appreciate very much that the MD document be updated to provide assistance to turning off WIN32 compilation, or reply with detailed instructions.