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Accessing samlIdentityProvider/externalIdentities as a Github App

When trying to access via the v4 Api (Graphql) the following schema with a Github App installation token (with appropiate permissions)

organization(login: "xxxxx") {
    samlIdentityProvider {
        externalIdentities(first: 100, after: $after) {
            nodes {
                samlIdentity {
I receive the following error:

'errors': [{'type': 'FORBIDDEN', 'path': ['organization', 'samlIdentityProvider'], 'locations': [{'line': 4, 'column': 17}], 'message': 'Resource not accessible by integration'}]}


So I'm assuming this is not available for Github apps, I looked for a v3 endpoint with the same information, but could only find the SCIM one. Is anybody familiar with a V3 endpoint or V4 query that could be used with a github app installation token to retrieve saml identities? 



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Re: Accessing samlIdentityProvider/externalIdentities as a Github App

I have also encountered this problem.

I do not quite understand why this is not allowed for applications with organization administration permission.