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Ability to customize commit status for Checks

I'm working with the Checks API and I noticed that there's not a lot of ability to customize the commit statuses that are generated by each Check. There's 2 main gaps that I see:


Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 18.43.06.png


  1. Highlighted in pink, the name of the commit status doesn't include the any indication of what app generated the check. It just shows the name of the check itself. It seems that the de facto standard for other commit statuses has been to prefix the status name with some namespace like ci/ or something similar. That gives some extra context as to what the status means. With the Checks API, I would have to trade off giving each check a simple name vs making the commit status name more informative at a glance.
  2. Highlighted in blue, the commit status message doesn't seem to be customizable. Right now, it looks like it is just generated based on the result of the check. It would be great to be able to customize the message so that the commit status could offer more information to people just looking at the status. The current message is not very useful and you have to click into the check itself to see useful information.