Zero - Opensource infrastructure boilerplate for startups

Hey GitHub community, we are the creators of Zero, an open-source initiative. We built Zero so startup developers can ship to production on day 1, without sacrificing quality or ownership. We’re opinionated about the best tools for startups founders to use when writing their first lines of code. Zero help startups scaffold and deploy their infra and application on AWS and EKS using terraform, then pushing their codebase to Github for source control, integrating with tools that are widely trusted and proven so startups don’t have to spend the time researching. Our philosophy is finding tools that are good for both day 1 and ready to scale (eg. Github Actions for CICD / EKS / RDS / cert-manager / externalDNS / wireguard / prometheus).

Zero is an open-source initiative - I would love feedback from anyone who’s setting up foundational infrastructure now (or has before) so we can make Zero better.