Your site is published at

I made my repo
but when i enable github pages it gives an old repo page i already deleted as shown

i tried to disable pages and delete repo and re create everything but hopeless.

How to disable that old name forever i want to use a new one as my current repo

Your subdomain will always be your username, so for you it’s To publish a user page your repository name must exactly match that domain. The only way to change that domain is to change your username. Or you could use a custom domain.

All other repositories with Pages enabled will be published in a subdirectory under that domain, like you see here.


so it’s not depending on the repo name , oh sounds i miss understand things here , thanks for clarification.

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or maybe you can create an org for a specific name, like AhmedKAwwad-tutorial, this way, when you enable that GitHub Page, it’s entirely a new name, the name that you want, plus, you can create more, so you don’t need to change your name when you want another one for the GitHub Page

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I didn’t get the way , you mean create a new account with another name like AhmedKAwwad-tutorial , or you mean i create new repo ?
incase you mean new account , i got it okay .
incase you mean new repo , then it will be published on
That’s why i am stuck with the user name at the published url.

for example, I created a GitHub Org,

if I will be creating a GitHub Page for that Org, it will be as if it’s another user,

so that will be

so, in case you want another separate GitHub Page, that can be done through GitHub Org, without creating another user

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Oh nice trick , thanks for this one :grin: