Your site is having problems building

Your site is having problems building: The symbolic link /node_modules/.bin/webpack-cli targets a file which does not exist within your site’s repository. For more information, see  blah blah blah.

Well, I’ve reinstalled webpack and webpack-cli in an attempt at fixing this issue, but to no avail. I’ve gone in to look at the file it’s talkiing about, but I don’t recognize any of this stuff…

I’m just trying to deploy my vanilla node.js portfolio page… nothing flashy… anybody know what the heck?

edit: I heard that pages doesn’t play well with webpack, so I tried hosting on netlify, but having similar issues, with a different bread crumb trail to follow, different symptoms…

more about here, though… why doesn’t it play well with webpack? In what way? I have friends who have deployed similar projects on pages through pages, so I’m sure that’s not the only reason.

I’ve tried making a webpack.config.js file, setting the /dist folder as the destination for the main.js file when it builds… so it builds fine, and runs locally fine, but the closest i’ve gotten to having my project up and running is on netlify, but I still have to navigate to the dist folder to get it to start… but then there’s no images and the css link is broken. I’ve checked their relative paths and they are correct.

pages no longer works for me; it wants me to upgrade. I don’t even know I can try again on here.

Apologies… my repo is at and is public

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