Your site is having problems building: Page build failed. No info provided.

I am using GitHub Pages for

I have also setup a GitHub action to automatically build the source kept in master branch into static bundle and put it onto gh-pages branch.

For some reason, I have been having issues with this setup for a while the action succeeds in building the source and then publishing to gh-pages branch but the deployed page does not get updated.

I saw the jekyll build issue and added .nojekyll file to the bundle being put in gh-pages branch but that didn’t solve the issue either.

If I go into settings then in GitHub Pages section I see an error saying Your site is having problems building: Page build failed. but since no further info is provided I can’t debug it.

I saw another issue where using GITHUB_TOKEN in action to push to gh-pages does not trigger the GitHub Pages build but I am using my own ACCESS_TOKEN so that should not be an issue.

Is there a way to know more info on what’s going wrong with my repo so I can fix it ?


I met probably the same problem. I use vuepress to build my website.  The websit only update after I choose a Jekyll theme in setting even I don’t use Jekyll. I need do this everytime i push force to gh-pages

I get these information, maybe useful.

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