Your account has been flagged.

I have 12 public projects which are actively used. All of a sudden on Saturday, while I was updating the documentation for one of my projects, it said my account has been flagged, and is hidden from the public. I’ve seen other people report the same thing, and apparently it’s the GitHub spam bots randomly banning peoples accounts on accident.

I contacted support immediately, which is now over 5 days ago. Still haven’t had any response, and my account is still “invisible” to the public. People are asking me what’s going on since it looks like all my projects have been deleted. I can’t even fork my repo’s into another account since it’s all inaccessible. Can’t even add collaborators to my projects since it says my account is “blocked”. 

Is there anything else I can do? I’m about to try transfer all my projects to another GitHub account which will mean all the external links will break, and no doubt it will **bleep** everything else up too, but my patience is wearing thin.

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Hey @paulnieuwelaar,

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