"Your account has been flagged"

Dear GitHub Team,

Since several days, I have:

"Your account has been flagged.

Because of that, your profile is hidden from the public. If you believe this is a mistake, contact support to have your account status reviewed."

I have already contacted two times GitHub without answer and without an unlock.

How many days we want to wait to unlock?

The problem is that there are several important security issues, PRs etc, please read below.

In more, I can not log-in on Websites with my account etc.

This is my last sent message:

Dear GitHub team,

I have already sent you a message about this problem “Your account has been flagged” without reply and the solution.

I have currently PRs and issues about security problems (to users/admins/projects/…) for examples:

I can not add other people to manage organizations, a big problem too.

Can you unlock the situation very quickly?

That you can see, my account is very old, very used, …

In the same time, in the past, I have sent you improvement requests too on community.github.com and more:

Thanks in advance.



I’m afraid we are unable to accelerate the review of your account. I can confirm, however, that your ticket has been received and is with the correct team.

Please note that creating multiple tickets will not help speed things up, but will slow down the process.

@canuckjacq: Thanks for your confirmation!

I understand but I have not a lot of answers to improvement requests (not sure that it is received) and I have published here because there is big problem:

  • I can not add people to organization that I manage
  • I can not log-in in Websites
  • There are a lot of security issues/PRs

One example, you can see that my patch from a PR has been added recently in 2 OS before the main project linked to E2E security communication used by thousands/millions people, there “is” a discussion in progress and few days ago a lot people contact me in private, “your account does not exist”, “all are lost”…

I am also the spokesperson for a big problem with an installer “software” which does not respect Microsoft Windows rules.

Thanks in advance.

@canuckjacq: I had one reply and I have done replies, my account is always “flagged”, I have justified.

Can you look?

I can not work since more than 7 days.

I recall, there are security problems etc.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @neustradamus,

I’m afraid we can’t speak of specific account details in the community site so I have no news for you here. As @canuckjacq mentioned we aren’t in a position to accelerate this, you have a ticket open with private support and they’ll respond to that.

I’ve checked for you and I can see your recent responses, so they are with the correct people who deal with these matters.


@billythekid: Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

The situation has been change after my previous comment, your comment and after my tweets:

The ticket is not finished, hope that we will see the full ending soon in private.