Your account has been flagged. Please Unblock it

why it is happened. my repos are participating in hacktoberfest.


How can i unflagged my account.

:wave: Welcome!

We’re unable to assist with these queries. I can see you’ve opened a ticket; that will be handled by the correct support team. Please note that opening multiple tickets will result in delays.

Thank you for your patience.

Dear github support team

i need your help
there is my account with is flagged by you kindly un flag it

account user name :- rohitnaththakur

i am not even able to check my work properly its very important for me and your support mail team is not responding to me properly
kindly help please

As mentioned above, w’re unable to assist with flagged accounts. That said, you will have to open a ticket with support on this page to get assistance:

Please only open one ticket; multiple tickets will cause delays.

Ok Team i Contacted the github support I got the reason for that and now it was removed. Thanks for the guidance.