You may only define up to 10 `inputs` for a `workflow_dispatch` event

I have the same issues, we use it for building and pushing images. Where we have many parameters when building the images. Please remove the restriction of 10 inputs :frowning:

Same here. We want to allow selection between 12 params in our deployment…

This is a hard blocker for us adopting GH Actions as our workflow. Our scenario is a multi-tenant repository with a large number of deployment variables. We would like for QA team members to be able to quickly configure deploys in the GUI. Raising the limit to 30 would work for us.


any updates on this please?

We have been using GH Actions to manage the deployment of a microservice application with 12+ services. After you add additional fields we require 20+ params.
The 10 limit is silly bordering naive

Hi! I’m also looking for updates on this. My situation would benefit from a multi-select as I would like to allow the user to trigger different tests belonging to different modules they may be working on at once. I started using the boolean input type but 1- looks too busy on the UI, 2- ran into this error as well.

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I am also stuck because of this issue, I am launching a complicated scenario with a workflow and the number of parameters will definitely grow.
If I had multi-select that would definitely decrease the number of parameters.

Now, I have to workaround this silly issue.

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I also need more than 10 inputs or multi-select capability in input type “choice”.

+1 on this issue.

I’m thinking for a workaround maybe I could put all the non-secret based ones in a single JSON string with toJSON() then reverse it on the other end with fromJSON()???

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+1 never expected this limitation

This limitation is a blocker for our CICD needs. has ANYONE from GH responded to or even seen this? Seems like an easy thing to change and make your customers happier.

I would also like to have a multi-select input type option for the same kind of scenario: selecting test categories to run.