You may only define up to 10 `inputs` for a `workflow_dispatch` event

why? This restriction doesn’t make any sense.


Agree, also encountered the same, very stupid limitation :frowning:


Could you share a bit more about your scenario?

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I have a large azure deployment that needs about 25 parameters to deploy the desired configuration. This 10 input limit is a blocker.

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Just define more than 10 input parameters under workflow_dispatch

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This is needlessly restrictive. On top of that, you can’t have dropdowns, checkboxes or multi-select. These features are what’s really needed to make workflow_dispatch competitive to the likes of Jenkins.


Are there any plans to remove this restriction in the future?


I have a release Workflow to publish the artifacts of my multi-language monorepo. Most of the artifacts are related and are released together, but there are times when we need to release artifacts separately.

To address this use case, I’m using workflow_dispatch inputs to select what I want to release. It’s working great for me until now, where I have my 11th artifact :slight_smile:

Any plans to remove this limitation?


Same issue here, 10 inputs are too less for parameters in a pipeline~~Please remove this restriction


Just bumped into this as well … 10 is a bit restrictive!


Just bumped into this thread today too. We are running into this limitation as well and are having to overload input variables to be able to pass the inputs we need to the workflow. Please remove this restriction as soon as possible.


This is a blocker for me too. I do not understand why such a limit should be in place at all.


I opened an issue. Relax the 10-parameter input limitation on workflow_dispatch · Issue #1425 · actions/runner · GitHub

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By the way, the issue is even worse for reusable workflows: I can define workflows with as many parameters as I like, but then I cannot call them using workflow_dispatch, not even if the workflow that is being run uses default values for most of them.

For instance, I prepared a workflow for building and deploying stuff with Gradle, I reached 11 parameters already, and I’d like to add more (e.g., selection of the default JVM), even though wherever I use such workflow I never configure more than a handful of them.

Same issue as well, I’m passing terraform variables values as inputs of a workflow. Being limited to 10 is way to low without particular benefit/reason I can easily understand.

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We’re also bumping into this. Our use case is using composite action and it requires many optional configuration options.

One workaround is to accept a JSON payload and deserialize within an action, but that’s pretty nasty and error prone when triggering from the UI.

The limit should be at least 25 to cover most use cases.


Just bump to this as well, you can use repository dispatch as a workaround but still. this is not a solution

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Same issue, blocked by this.

Also blocked. We need 12 inputs

Today I got this issue, no solution :frowning: