You may only define up to 10 `inputs` for a `workflow_dispatch` event

why? This restriction doesn’t make any sense.


Agree, also encountered the same, very stupid limitation :frowning:

Could you share a bit more about your scenario?

I have a large azure deployment that needs about 25 parameters to deploy the desired configuration. This 10 input limit is a blocker.

Just define more than 10 input parameters under workflow_dispatch

This is needlessly restrictive. On top of that, you can’t have dropdowns, checkboxes or multi-select. These features are what’s really needed to make workflow_dispatch competitive to the likes of Jenkins.

Are there any plans to remove this restriction in the future?


I have a release Workflow to publish the artifacts of my multi-language monorepo. Most of the artifacts are related and are released together, but there are times when we need to release artifacts separately.

To address this use case, I’m using workflow_dispatch inputs to select what I want to release. It’s working great for me until now, where I have my 11th artifact :slight_smile:

Any plans to remove this limitation?

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Same issue here, 10 inputs are too less for parameters in a pipeline~~Please remove this restriction