You have triggered an abuse detection mechanism

The following is what I get when I try to access any page with github domain.

Access has been restricted
You have triggered an abuse detection mechanism.

Please wait a few minutes before you try again;
in some cases this may take up to an hour.

I haven’t done anything illegitimate.

All I did was to click the following link

[CP-YouTube/.vimrc at 835fa0170c1fdb04535a19033b96f3ff9d2e45e3 · tmwilliamlin168/CP-YouTube · GitHub]

from this site: How to setup Vim for competitive programming? - Codeforces.

And then suddenly I got blocked from any page that has github domain.

I got even blocked from the support page.

(I’m using another PC while writing this.)

The same thing happened a few times before already.

Please help me with this. It’s really bothering.

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:wave: Welcome!

This sounds like something you may have to discuss privately with support. Please open a ticket and make sure you include the IP address you’re using, and any other information that might be relevant.

If you are using a VPN or a shared static IP, it could be that someone else using that IP address is causing trouble, and you would have to find a way to use a different IP address than them.

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