yaml header not recognized

I read some of the similar questions and answers on index.html but the suggestions are not working. I have 4 repositories working with index.html. For some reason the new repo I made doesn’t want to build properly. I am updating it from an older built in CSS used for offline browsing, to the jekyll cayman theme for use with ghpages.


I would not think other pages still using the old CSS would interfere, at least I hope not. I intended to get each page working one by one. 

What’s wrong with index.html?

Also I’m a bit annoyed with something in GFW. Why doesn’t it allow me to see the index.html diff, the file is not that large. In my other repos I can see the diff.


The above repo works just fine for example. I can see the diff in GFW.

This is stupid. I thought out of the blue for no reason to look at the encoding. For whatever reason the author of the html file chose UTF-8 without BOM for the encoding of the file. Go figure.

Using Notepad++ to convert it to ascii made it work.

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Not a GhPages issue but I still can’t see the DIFF even if the file is ANSI. Any reason why?