Yaml error in Introduction to GitHub, Step 2: Turn On GitHub Pages

In the Learning Lab: Introduction to GitHub, in Step 2 “Turn On GitHub Pages”, there is a bug that makes the students get stuck:

If the student selects a Theme, the following error occurs:

And it is no longer possible to continue with the course.

However, we found a workaround, which is to Save the Source to None (to disable GitHub Pages) and Save. Then select again the Master branch and saving AND not selecting a Theme.  

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Thanks for the report, @alebourne! However, the Introduction to GitHub course doesn’t require a theme (therefore doesn’t require a commit to config.yml). Am I understanding the issue correctly? 

Hi @hectorsector

I think the problem is that as a user it is not clear that selecting a theme will cause a problem (getting the yml error).

A bit of history to explain the context:

Last week we hosted a few Patchworks to teach GitHub to high school students. We used the learning lab. When working on the Introduction to GitHub, several students were getting this error, and getting stuck completely and unable to continue. Finally, we figured out that they should not use a theme. However, this is not mentioned anywhere (Don’t use a theme), and since students are exploring while trying to learn, many of them would select a theme.

A few ideas:

  • Adding a note to the course that says not to add a theme.

  • Or instructions that explain what to do when getting the Yaml error because its common for the students to want to add a theme.

I understand now, @alebourne! I’ve opened an internal issue about this course and will drop an udpate here when it is resolved. 

I am one of the “Victims” of the bug, and just like one of the comments, I didn’t realize it didn’t/shouldn’t have a theme and tried to select one. 

I tried the workaround and I am still stuck.  Is there a missing step after “reset the source to None and click save”.  Do I need to exit the page?  Refresh the Browser?  Something Else?

Looking into this, @whitekn3!