Xunit or TAP support?

Other CI systems (:o:) have direct support for xunit test reports by interpreting the XML – https://xunit.net/docs/format-xml-v2.html. By reading this XML the other systems are able to highlight exactly which tests have caused runs to fail. As it is on GitHub Actions, one has to read through whatever output is generated by the test runner and try to find the failing test in sea of white on black text (no highlighting). Are there plans to support parsing of test reporter output to make it easier to see what is causing failures?

Ideally, I wouldn’t need to convert my test results into Xunit XML. My tests use TAP reporting by default. So I’d be even happier if the actions supported parsing of TAP output.


I think it’s interesting there’s support for *unit XMLs in Azure Pipelines. I’m interested in moving some jobs off AZP to GHA and this was one of the missing features.