Xcodebuild provisioning profile issue

Hey forum!
I’m fairly new to the topic, so over 3 days scrolling the internet did not make some good clarification. I’ll be happy for any help.

I have a project, which I want to equip with build-passing/failing badge: https://github.com/Wtclrsnd/PhotoEditPod

I use workflow by Swift Actions (h ttps://github.com/marketplace/actions/swift-action) for now.

The thing I get all the time is:

error: There are no accounts registered with Xcode. Add your developer account to Xcode (in target 'PhotoEditPod' from project 'PhotoEditPod')
error: No profiles for 'com.daksyonov.PhotoEditPod' were found: Xcode couldn't find any iOS App Development provisioning profiles matching 'com.daksyonov.PhotoEditPod'. (in target 'PhotoEditPod' from project 'PhotoEditPod')

Workflow log

As I read from the documentation - Actions handle build by themselves by GitHub hosted runners, but what I get confused with - why no accounts and no profiles if I enabled automatic signing?

Maybe I am missing something? I have other Ideas:

  • I need to create manual profile, thus need a paid developer account @ Apple
  • I have overlooked some xcodebuild guidance
  • Xcode on GitHub side needs some set-up before good to go (though I didnt’ find any note on this)

Thank you in advance! Appreciate your help!


Maybe you can consider using fastlane in your project. The following is an earlier reported ticket about the similar question as reference.

In addition, I found a “Xcodebuild Action” from the GitHub Marketplace, you also can try it.

Also faced exactly the same issue, I tried to use Xcodebuild Action · Actions · GitHub Marketplace · GitHub but without any success.

Main question : Can I run CI Xcode build without Apple Dev Subscription?

I’ve created ticket: