xcode to github

I am a online student studying at moment: App building, we have a small group, we must use xcode and store in our Github repositiry, I can’t work out how to bring it from Github to Xcode or from Xcode to Github for the project I decided to start myself. Please help me!!

Hey @stephenpowerrmit, help’s arrived!

Welcome to the GitHub Community 🎉

It sounds like you might be interested in this Medium story by XCTEQ: https://medium.com/xcblog/the-marriage-of-github-and-xcode-9-at-wwdc-821b78eb6797 - it’ll show you how to set up and use GitHub in XCode.

Otherwise, you can also use the Git CLI (“Commend Line Interface”) with the folder the XCode files are in - check out the GitHub Labs (free) courses on Git and GitHub here: https://lab.github.com/courses?tag=GitHub,Git, and get started with Git here: https://git-scm.com

Let me know how you go!