Xcode - Push Rejected

I’ve been coding on Xcode for two years now and have not run into this issue before. I also made a push to my repos a few days ago and now I’m getting this error message below.

“The remote repository rejected commits. Make sure you have permission to push to the remote repository and try again.”

Before I was using username/password and have now switched over to access token after running into this issue, yet no luck, I’m still getting this error. This is happening to all my projects/repos.

Any ideas on what could be causing this problem? I’ve already deleted my GitHub account on Xcode and re-added it.

Hello @shemishe and welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, it could be any number of reasons. Since we don’t support Xcode here, it would be helpful if you could reproduce the problem by using git from the command line. Would that be possible for you to try?

Let us know!

Did you ever get this working as I’m also having the same issue