Xcode 11.2.1 Support

Hello, I’m really fan of GitHub actions which is greate.

Except… Recently Xcode 11.2 is deprecated by Apple, which required to use Xcode 11.2.1 for latest environment.

But, GitHub Actions workflow’s macOS VM doesn’t have Xcode 11.2.1. Which I need to download it in my workflow which eats a lot of minute.

I hope soon adds Xcode 11.2.1 on macOS VM. Thanks.


I finished a long build, and got excited to see it attempt to deploy to TestFlight. Then I got an error saying it couldn’t deploy, due to this issue. I hope Xcode 11.2.1 gets added to Actions soon. Can any Actions devs give a possible timeframe? Thanks.

An update to the mac image with Xcode 11.2, 11.2.1, and 11.3 beta1 will start rolling out this week! 


Thanks for the update.  I’m waiting on this too.  Is there a way to get the right version of xcode any other way while we wait for the updated image?  I can foressee this happening a lot!

You can use xcversion for download it in ci.

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Could be interesting to update the doc :D 


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@yanjingzhu Just a note, Xcode 11.2 has been deprecated by Apple and can’t be used for any deployments, so this version should probably be deprecated on here as well.

It’s more than a week past already and those your users, who are required to use swift 5.1.2 can not use your service as it has broken software. Any updates on this?

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I just create actions for select xcode if locally available or download from Apple Developer.


Maybe this helps until GitHub releases new VM Images for GitHub Actions Workflow.

Hi Yanjingzhu,

Any update on when Xcode 11.2.1 will be available?



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@blane1988 I’m running a build right now with Xcode 11.2.1. The documentation hasn’t been updated yet, by the looks of it.

@yanjingzhu It would be great when the Xcode deploys have finished to have the documentation updated. Thanks!