x commits to master since this release is missing


I have a weird issue. I have more than 50 releases in my project. After 52nd release, I stopped seeing these statistics correctly. I think it happened after Github update because I started seeing “Verified” release information for these releases.

To be more clear, I don’t see this in my project releases anymore. This is an old one:

I published 2 more released after this release but new releases have no “x commits to master since this release” information. Instead, it is blank, and total commits are summing up to the v2.7 release.

For example:


Even removed releases after v2.7 and created new ones but still, these statistics do not get updated.

What do you think this might be?



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I think they just removed this feature - I don’t have it either.

Oh, thanks, yes I see the same situation in other public projects as well.

Then why not removing old ones as well? That’s not a smart way to remove a feature. This way, it looks like there is an issue with it. But if they remove all of them, then I will think that they removed the functionality.

Also, new commits are still adding up to the commit in November 2017.

Hi @yusufozturk

Thanks for the feedback on this. I’ll be sure to share it with the appropriate team. Though I can’t promise any change or timeline, we’ll definitely take this feedback into consideration.

Let me know if you have any other questions or if I can help with anything else.