"x commits to [branch] since this release" is missing, part 2

I decided not to bump https://github.community/t5/How-to-use-Git-and-GitHub/x-commits-to-master-since-this-release-is-missing/m-p/3705 because it’s so old, but the issue is still present.

Either this feature was removed for new releases some time in the last 2 weeks or so (I have a release from 20 days ago that still shows this), or it’s related to something else.

Does GitHub only show “x commits to [branch] since this release” when the release was created from a branch, not a specific commit? In my release workflows, it’s very convenient to click the “x commits” link to see a comparison between that tag and the branch head, because that commit list is immediately usable to write the changelog entry for the next version. I’ll have to stop pointing releases to specific commits if this is the case.

Hi @dgw

The x commits to master since this release message should still exist, and will only appear if the target branch that’s selected when the release was created is master and the current state of the master branch in the repository has more commits than the release in question.

If those variables have been met but the release is still missing that text, could you please send over a link to the repository in question to https://github.com/contact so that I can take a closer look?

Nah, it sounds like I’m experiencing a side effect of creating a release pointed at a specific commit instead of a branch. I’ll just have to remember not to do that if I want the tracking text. :slight_smile:

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