WTF which my Repository?

One day i createted 6 repositorys. Yearsterday on overview panel i saw 29 repositorys, but in fact have stil 6 repo.
My quation is Why in overview i see 29 repository`s ?

you only have 6 on my end

i still have 29 repo in my account…)

Well… it is a mysti, because i see 29 today) 26.05.22

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Chiming in on this mystery - have you cloned or starred any repositories?

You are also showing six repositories on my end - is anyone else experiencing this?

if I’m logged in I see this, 174 repos on my profile

if I’m not logged in, I see 158 repos,

because private repos are not included in a non-log public view

you may have private repos that you may not notice at first

Hi! Yes, but issue still actuality). I tryed start my account on GitHub on the another PC, but broblem not in cache and i see 29 repository`s.

try to view your account Repo tab in Incognito without logging in

Hi ! Well, i deleted one of my repository`s and total count became is 5. After that i made a new repo and all is done!) Now i have 6 repository on a board