Wss:// websocket 8555 blocked

I have an issue with a websocket I have been trying to us for a game.
The problem seems to be that the game works well when it is set to ws// but when I install any king od SSL certificates and enable the .json config like so I keep getting “Websocket connection Failed” notice on the browsers ( all browsers)






I have set UFW rules to allow the port through Nodejs and npm working well…I have no idea what to do any more.
Any help to see how I can analyze this issue will be much appreciated.

I solved the issue. And thought I would write here the answer for reference. I am using Lets ebcrypt SSL.

So although I was granting permission to port 8555 I was not able to connect to the socket because the SSL cert and private keys had to be copied to the SSL directory of the program.
The script using port 8555 requires a secure connection. Although I added the wss/ ( true) the script still required the ssl files.