Wrong username showing up in PR, but it looks right in commit

So I noticed when I looked at a PR I submitted to another repo, that my commits show with the username “qwertyuiop098765” in some places ( see here: EggBot/eggbot_pptb.py at db7c1d666f1faee1b55fe16f980a723597d4da45 · scottvr/EggBot · GitHub ) but if you look at that very same commit mentioned as being commited by this “qwerty…” user ( History for inkscape_contributed/eggbot_pptb.py - scottvr/EggBot · GitHub ), it shows as being commited by my correct username, “scottvr”.

My user.name and user.email in my git config match my username and email address in my github profile. As far as I can recall, I’ve never had an account with the name qwertyuiop098765 associated with my email address, and certainly did not when I made these commits.

Any ideas?

I’m not sure what’s going on with the “qwertyuiop098765” user, but I notice that those commits are not recognized as yours, either:


That’s the “unknown user” icon together with the author name in the commit, not your GitHub avatar and name from your profile. :thinking:

The most common cause of that is that the email address in the commit isn’t correct after all, but I don’t know what your correct mail address would be. You can see the author email address in the log (git log), or if you append .patch to the URL for a commit.

Good eye re: the icon.
Weirdly, the email in the commit says “scott@gmail.com” rather than my actual email address.

I have absolutely no idea how that happened cuz when I go to the repo on my local machine and do git config I see this:

C:\Users\scott\source\repos\EggBot>git config -l --global

git config -l --local returns nothing at all for user.

I don’t get it, but thanks!

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I possible issue I’ve seen both on this forum and with colleagues who use Windows is the home directory changing depending on the network environment (e.g. working from home vs. in the office). I’m not sure about the exact mechanisms (I don’t use Windows myself), but it might be worth looking into.

Either way you could rebase those commits and reset the author to fix the mail address.