Wrong number of contributions after pushing to gh-pages


I have accidentally pushed my master branch in the gh-pages branch of one of my repos, and this have added all the commits which are now counted twice in my contributions (master and gh-pages branches). Even after I forced push a single commit to the gh-pages branch, all the commits are still counted. I would rather have a proper count because here my contributions are overrated. Is it possible to remove commits counts or they can only be added ?


Julien Sulpis

For your information, I found this page in GitHub Help, which explains the difference between author date and commit date:

"In Git, the author date is when someone first creates a commit with git commit. The commit date is identical to the author date unless someone changes the commit date by using git commit --amend, a force push, a rebase, or other Git commands.

On your profile page, the author date is used to calculate when a commit was made. Whereas, in a repository, the commit date is used to calculate when a commit was made in the repository."

So after I pushed a single commit to the gh-pages branch, the author dates of the commits I had overridden were still somewhere and thus counted in my contributions, whereas the commit date were erased with the commits and thus I did not see them in the repo. At least this is what I have understood.

So I deleted the gh-pages branch on both local and remote repos, pushed a new clean gh-pages branch and now everything works as expected.