Wrong/misleading URL in Uploading your project to GitHub step 3 Uploading your project

On Windows 10 Git bash 2.21.0.windows.1 installed with chocolatey.

Using the URL https://github.com/<User>/github-upload.git as rquested in the following activity steps return

Fatal: protocol 'https' not supported

when trying git push -u origin master:

Step 3: Make the move

:keyboard: Activity: Moving your local project

  1. In the Code tab of this repository, copy the URL shown under Quick Setup.

Using the command line

  1. Type git remote add origin https://github.com/<User>/github-upload.git

The problem is solved dropping the .git part of the URL as in:


which is the actual URL that the Code tab points to.

Therefore the steps need clarification on the possible troubles.

Hi @diegoalpizar,

Thank you for the detailed response. I went through the course twice and was able to get through these steps as instructed without issue, but i’m not running Git Bash on Windows 10. I did some digging and found similar issues outside of GitHub Learning Lab with setting remotes and cloning on Windows 10. Users reported that restarting Bash solved the problem. I’m not sure if that will help in your case but could be worth a try. 

Another reported issue is if you copied the entire command git remote add origin https://github.com/\<User\>/github-upload.git instead of typing out git remote add origin and then pasting the URL provided. Copying the whole line could have resulted in a special Unicode character although it may just look like a normal space. I checked and that doesn’t seem to be the case here so we can rule that out. 

I’ll continue to dig into this. If you happen to retake the course and still experience this issue, let me know.



In my case, restarting Bash doesn’t solve this issue.

What worked for me was omitting “.git” in the URL.

A small troubleshooting note in the tutorial step, or maybe in the general GitHub Help for Windows users could be helpful in case of issues:

  • Restart Git Bash

  • Type the line on your own, or copy it only from GitHub to prevent invisible Unicode characters

  • Omit “.git” in the repo URL

Thanks for your kind attention!