Wrong method for word blocking in here

I couldn’t post this topic: Browser's local storage problem
due to the hash string of one of the images. :slight_smile:


if that is uploaded on the Internet, enter the complete URL at bitly, so you will avoid that forbidden set of letters


meaning, you don’t have the complete URL, you just pasted it ? I suggest you upload it to have the URL,

for example,


this is uploaded on GitHub, say, it’s not allowed because of the two letters, the shortened URL for that after bitly is


now, if that is not about uploading, simply have another screenshot, because the URL generated from that is actually random too,

I say that there is a problem in the bridge. You say cross the stream where it is shallowest.
Yeah… I already knew that. Thanks.

yup, it’s just the workaround because it was actually not allowed to post containing that two letters combination, when, you know, that “war” started