Wrong contribution

Hi there,

I just found that my github profile shows wrong contribution after I changed my main email address.
I make sure I turned on the contribution for private repo
I keep pushing to one private repo this year, and after I changed my main email address, I found it doesn’t show the contribution in my profile anymore. Also, my contributions to my homepage (a public repo) have also gone! And I just found that the update in my repo becomes:

I don’t know why it shows my name twice and I lose all these contribution :((

Thank you folks!

That probably means you didn’t change your author email address on the computer where you made the commits. GitHub uses that to assign commits to an account, so if you remove an email address from your account contributions using the removed address won’t be recognized.

You can check the author email configured on your computer with this command:

git config user.email

As for the double name, did you do merge a PR using the “rebase and merge” method?

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Fantastic! I add back my previous email address and it works. But my previous education email may be expired after a few weeks but I think it’s okay to leave it there.
The double name is also solved after that. It helps a loooot! THANK YOU!!


For previous commits it should be, but I’d recommend changing the address you use for new commits. :wink: