Write a Learning Lab step 12 help needed

I’m working through the Write a Learning Lab course and am stuck at step 12–Write the config logic.

I think I have edited the config.yml file correctly–from lines 25-47, I have added the code from steps 10 on:


- title: Assign yourself
  description: Assign the first issue to yourself.
  event: issues.assigned
  link: 'https://github.com/magitz/lab-starter/issues/1'
  - type: gate
    left: '%payload.pull_request.title%'
    operator: ===
    right: Add name to README
- type: gate
  left: '%payload.pull_request.base.ref%'
  operator: ===
  right: master
  - type: respond
    with: 01_try-again.md
- type: respond
  with: 01_nice-work.md


So, the text indicated in the regex being used to check is there, but check keeps failing saying the file doesn’t have what it is expecting.

In general, it would be great if there were a way to view the learning lab code, both to use as a template for developing our own labs, but also to see what the code for the gate is actually checking for.

Thanks for any help!

Thanks for the feedback, @magitz. If you provide a link to your repo in particular I can take a closer look. This page from the docs may also be helpful.

Here is the link to the repo: https://github.com/magitz/lab-starter

Thanks for any help you can offer.


Hi there 👋

I took you config.yml and passed it through an online yaml linter and noticed the issue, the issue is you don’t have proper indentation which is essential to yaml, it won’t work without proper indentation, and that’s how the language is designed to work, for an easier overview of the file I would suggest getting rid of the comments, that’s anything after a #-sign, that’ll give you a good view of how the file looks, also if you look at the page @hectorsector sent, you’ll see under Accessing the result of executing an action, that the titles are indented under the steps: key, if you look at the page you’ll see how the files you be indented.

I also found an issue with two of your titles the, species branch and soil branch ones, you have to encapsulate those in quotes to escape the colon after branch, colons are that yaml uses when separating the key and value pair so to the transpiler it’ll look like you have key: value key: value on the same line which will cause an error, escaping that with a quote should solve that issue.

title: 'species branch: Implement code to get data for only one species'

I hope that helps you, can’t wait to see what course you will create. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks so much! I think that helps a lot!

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