Wrapping long lines or paragraphs in a Markdown table (for repo wiki)

Does anybody know whether there is a nice syntax to wrap long lines or paragraphs in a MarkDown table?

I tried the following and the GitHub wiki just renders the lines into separate table rows:

| Key | Explanation                                                  | Notes                                 |
| --- | ------------------------------------------------------------ | ------------------------------------- |
| foo | This is a really long paragraph.                             | This is another long paragraph.       |
|     | Seriously this is the second sentence of the same paragraph. | This belongs to the same paragraph as |
|     | I want these sentences to appear in the same table cell.     | the sentence above, in the same cell. |

@ksze Welcome to the community!
Do you have an example you can point to for what you are trying to accomplish?

What I am seeing here is what is demonstrated in the markdown documentation here: https://www.markdownguide.org/extended-syntax/#tables

The second table was done using reStructuredText instead of MarkDown.

I’m evaluating what syntax I should use to compose my projects’ wikis. I wouldn’t want to pick a syntax only to find out about limitations that require me to rewrite lots of things to a different syntax later.

In fact, reStructuredText even supports multiple paragraphs in one table cell, whereas there seems no way to represent that in MarkDown.

You can add a HTML <br> tags where you want line breaks to appear.

| Paragraph                                             | Text        |
| This is a really long paragraph. Here is the rest of the really<br>long paragraph. All my awesome words are in this one cell. | Chapter 1   |
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