Wpa crack

First of all , i thank all github Community areas users for their helps
So i’am a beginner in kali linux and i want trued many ways to crack a WPA 2 psk Password but no results So i ask if you can tell me a way to crack this password without a word list because my GPU is so week and i My computer take 8 hours to analyze 139 MB of wordlist !!! So im thank you for the help
And finally i thank all the admins and the members of git hub for sign me up
Thank you everyone

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First of all: WPA2 is hard to “crack” (I don’t really know if you can call it “cracking” since it’s actually just bruteforcing). If the password is strong enough you won’t be able to crack it at all.

Secondly, there are plenty of articles online outlining the ways to do it (https://medium.com/@brannondorsey/crack-wpa-wpa2-wi-fi-routers-with-aircrack-ng-and-hashcat-a5a5d3ffea46). I think that with “wordlist” you might mean “rainbow table” and with “analyzing” “hashing”, and if that is the case - no there won’t be a way to speed that process up.

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