Wow - thanks for the color blind theme!

I have never heard of anyone doing this. Thank you so much. I am one of the 8%. If I tell you a bank robber just left in a brown car, look for a green one. :slight_smile: The dark color blind theme definitely helps me.


@smcllc, the colourblind theme is having blue and orange!

Fortunately I am not part of the 8%, but I have family members that are, so definitely +1 for this feature. Although it doesn’t include all spectrum’s, I haven’t seen another solution that even tries to implement such a feature. Efforts are truly appreciated and the rest of the Web should follow this example. Thank you @GitHub

Another thank you for thinking about this!

Also a big thank you for the way you informed me about it, a blue dot in the corner, ready to read and enable when I was ready to see it instead of splashing it over my screen while I was on my way to fix something else.

Thank you for the colour blind scheme. I have Protanopia and it helps me greatly!