Would You Take Equity instead of Cash For A Start Up?

Not a Job posting but more of a hiring job question.

I have obviously heard mixed emotions about working for Equity and the risks that come with it so please refrain from making this post an informational one. I just want peoples opinions on their take from actually already being in that position before. Understanding as a entrepreneur that anything you invest your time into is a calculated risk for yourself and whatever business venture you are attempting to be successful at is key.

Has anyone ever taken the equity position and been successful at it? Or is there anyone who is currently In that position right now or wants to be in that position

What are your skills that you have that makes you interested in an app development start up?

In a world where open source coders work for free, it’s very easy to do work that is meaningless and unprofitable at the end. What would it take for you to want to work for a piece of the companies equity when it’s stationed at “rock bottom” and hasn’t been developed yet?

I believe we fail to talk about this more and people want to push out high dollar numbers without even having a reliable back ground or portfolio. Internships are a great alternative but it’s not the same as owning equity or having a common vision that can last due to internships mainly being temp jobs just for an above experience that you may not even have. (Which is the whole purpose of getting a team together who sees and believes the business vision and direction)

Which leads to the next question, What makes a great bunch of workers be a successful team when eating ramen and working 50-60 hours a week just for a vision?

Someones opinion can obviously be altered due to believing the work could help the business become the next big thing and gaining financial success. However, a vision doesn’t pay the bills at first so what would it take for you to say yes to a position like this?

Would you require 50% equity shares and be co-founder or would you be more interested in the future possibilities of being a Director over other employees and owning 10%-20% of the companies equity?

It’s a lot to think about especially in this every changing economy with how we communicate to each other and programs. What’s your opinion on all of this? Do you agree or Disagree?