Would you kindly review my work?

Hello guys!

I’m new to the community and to programming in general.

After taking some online courses, to build and maintain some personal projects seemed to me the right thing to do next, and here I am.

Unfortunately, I have nobody around me that can guide me and assess my work.

So, is there anybody that can take a look at my repos and share a thought?

By now, I only have some basic procedure for Machine Learning in R, just to show what I am able to do and to have a reference for a future and more rigorous implementation.

The next step is to build some similar repos but in Python, learn some more algorithms in both languages (Naive Bayes and a priori) and to embark in some competition on Kaggle.

The ultimate goal is to land a job as a data analyst.

thanks for your time, have a nice day

cheers, Alex

p.s. I forgot the link to my page (I thought that clicking on my username would have been enough):


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