Would like to see autolink references configurable at the Organization level

+1 we are looking forward to see this implemented. We have dozens of repositories and the lack of automatic Jira integration is not ideal at the moment.

We must use as much as possible the GitHub Packages as our code and docker image registry to have an all-in-one tool that requires no external connections to other tools such as Nexus or JFrog.

In order to always have deployed artefact and images that are regulary scanned, we must add restriction in Github Actions when pulling a version of Package that is old. Github Packages :package: older then 3 months must not be consumed for security reasons

To re-run the GitHub Actions in order to have a new Github Package version simply push a change in the README.md file that doesn’t affect the code and then the base level action will follow all the security checks.

signed up on github community just to upvote this


This would be a nice feature indeed. A lot of manual work at the moment. Workaround is using the API for this.

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This would be great!

Adding my voice on this

+1, really need org-level autolink references.

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+1 !

Further an in-repo config file would also be highly appreciated for this.