Working with local branch in my clone


i am completely new to github. I have one query related to branches i create from my clone-master branch. When i fork and clone a repository from Github. it created a local copy in my computer. Now i need to create a differenet branch from master and update files. But my problem is when i swicth to my branch using Git checkout Mybranch command in Gitcmd and then upen a notepad and edit some files in that. i could see that Files in master branch is also updated. is this a normal scenario ? please let me know your suggestions



When Git opens a text editor and files are changed, chances are you encoutered a merge conflict. It is, however, still not clear to me what you are doing / trying to achieve. Contributing a repo usually works like this:

  1. Fork & clone
  2. Create a new, personal, branch from the master branch of the project
  3. Work on the code on your own branch
  4. Add a PR on GitHub

Did you follow the steps above?

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