Working Hours range restrictions

I submitted in-app feedback about this, but I figured I’d mention it here, too.

The Working Hours settings for notifications seem to have an unnecessary restriction that the Start Time has to be earlier than the End Time, which makes some configurations impossible.

Trying to set my WH to 11:00AM – 2:00AM, any time I change one side of the range it moves the other end.

(For example, if I set the End Time to 2:00AM, then set the Start Time to 11:00AM, the End Time will move to 1:00PM. If I then try to move the End Time back to 2:00AM, it will move the Start Time to midnight.)

(Obviously, I’ll just have to make do with 11:00AM - midnight for now, but there’s really no reason to restrict WH ranges to fall between midnight and midnight on the same day.)

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