Workflows with matrix jobs shown as still running

I have a few jobs, which have a matrix strategy configured. When these jobs are finished, the whole pipeline is still shown as running. Though the runtime from the Actions overview is shown correctly.

EDIT: it finished after 1hr 17mins, though all jobs have been completed ages ago.


I have the same problem sometimes it takes many hours for the job to be actually considered finished.

(If someone from GitHub looks at this, you can check the runs in this private repo: to see what I mean, especially where all individual jobs succeeded but the whole run still is running and will probably take hours to note as finished.)

Same here at

Still the same, no changes so far =(

Or did someone find a solution for this problem?

So running only 12 jobs is ok and works. 12 and more is problematic. This worked before and now there are issues with setups which have more than 10 jobs or so.

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This got even worse now when limits were introduced. Now if you have serveral of these pipelines with matrix jobs running, all other builds will be queued, since github thinks that the jobs are still running, though all of them have finished already.