Workflows from an imported repository not working

To replicate click on the Add button and select Import repository, enter and give it any name you like, after it’s imported go to Settings / actions and select “Allow all actions and reusable workflows”, then edit the readme. Editing the readme on the original repository kicks off the workflow, on the imported repository it does nothing



I’ve filed a ticket via:

I don’t import repositories regularly, but I do it often enough that the fact that this is broken justified me filing one.

To add to this, I also tried putting the work run an a 5 minute interval schedule and I added a workflow_dispatch event so I can manually start the workrun, click the button, it says Workflow run was successfully requested. and absolutely nothing happens, lol.

In the end I set the repository as a template, and used the create from template option, not ideal but works

I am facing the same issue as well. Did you find a working solution for this?

I filed a ticket to support and they’ve fixed this.

I’ve confirmed that I can now trigger workflows in my copy of the repository I imported from you.

Can confirm it works now without any changes made