Workflows can't be executed on this repository. Please check your payment method or billing status.

We’re NOT impressed by this change just because we’re on a legacy plan. Sales tried to push us onto an Enterprise plan event though 80% of our (< 100 in number) users are read only. 

Even more annoying is that we can’t even use the budget spend to pay seperately for this.

Honestly github, if this is how you are going to treat your small business customers moving forward, most of us might as well start migrating away now.


This seems more like an issue for support than for the community forum. Not a lot any of us can do for you here.

Yeah, just a bit of a rant and a warning to the community since I was pretty disgusted by the sales attitude of trying to foist us onto an enterprise plan rather than work with us to solve our problem. 

yes, this is annoying. It interrupts our work and doesn’t give us any instructions on how to re-enable actions in the error message. Github says it’s free for public repositories on this page (, but it IS NOT for every public repository. We’ve tried to increase the spending limit, but it does not work too.