Workflow templates for Orgs

I saw you recently released Org Level Workflow templates, which is awesome and something we’ve definitely been waiting to use.
But is it really the case that the only way for this to work is to have those on a public .github repo?

It seems a bit strange to me that a feature designed for Orgs forces them to make their stuff public rather than internal/private.
IME in most companies the process required for someone to push something to a public repo is considerably more bureaucratic that simply pushing to a private one.

I would also imagine, particularly for CI/CD workflows, that most companies don’t want to reveal more information about their process than they have to (what languages they use, which 3rd parties they use, how many environments…).

Is supporting this on the roadmap?


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Hi @jlordiales,

Glad to see you in Github Community Forum!

Yes, the workflow template repository .github needs to be public. Sorry i don’t have any roadmap to share yet.
According to the policy, you can raise a feedback ticket here where is the more approriate place, Github product manager will take a review and help to answer.