Workflow Status Badge for Latest Release?

I have a workflow that is triggered like this:

      - published

It was previously triggered just by pushing to master, but a change was made so now it’s triggered by publishing a release (as shown above).

The README in the repo has a status badge for this workflow, and it used to work (match the most recent workflow run status), but now it’s stuck on the last status from when the workflow was triggered by push to master, and I know this because that particular status was failing, and the most recent run status where it’s triggered by on: release: types: - published is passing.

My question is, is there a way to make the badge display the run status for the latest release? I can’t figure it out from the (sadly underwhelming) documentation for the run status badges: Adding a workflow status badge - GitHub Docs

It seems like the correct event is release, but the badge displays No Status :expressionless:

The reason I think event should be release is because it filters the table properly:

I have this same issue. Did you ever find a solution?

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